June 2, 2023

A ridged egg cowrie snail hidden among soft coral in Indonesia

A leafy sea dragon in South Australia

A double-ended pipefish among sea grasses in Indonesia

A bearded scorpionfish hides in a coral garden in Indonesia

Another bearded scorpionfish camouflaged against a reef in Thailand

A harlequin crab on a sea cucumber in Indonesia

A peacock flounder camouflaged on sand in Dominica

A hairy frogfish in Indonesia

An octopus camouflaged against sand near a sea grass bed in a shallow bay in Australia

A devil scorpionfish well camouflaged in Hawaii

A speckled sanddab in California

A crocodilefish in Indonesia

A crinoid squat lobster which matches the colour of its host crinoid (feather star) in Thailand

Golden Wentletrap snails laying eggs on cup corals in the Pacific Ocean in Baja, Mexico

A sea star shrimp living on underside of a blue sea star in Indonesia

An ornate ghost pipefish well camouflaged next to a crinoid (a feather star) in Indonesia

A painted frogfish camouflaged against sponge in Indonesia

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